21 People So Clueless, It’s A Legit Miracle They’ve Made It This Far

Some of us are smart, some of us are not so smart. Those of us who aren’t so smart can make up for it in other ways—by being kind, thoughtful, generous, creative. Besides adding to the world in other ways, those of us who aren’t so smart can actively work at getting smarter. By reading, for example, or watching documentaries, or just generally trying to be more attune with the world and its millions of hidden, beautiful secrets.

Then there are those of us who aren’t so very smart, and who prefer to remain that way. Who choose to see their utter lack of self-awareness as a point of pride rather than shame. Who you really won’t believe have made it this far in life.

21. This outdoorsman, who is bummed about the lack of wifi and Starbucks in America’s national parks:

20. The Harry Potter fan who didn’t realize they were arguing with J.K. Rowling:

19. This loving wife:

18. This genius, who seems to believe English comes from America:

17. This Facebook crusader, who truly believes a flu shot caused this young woman’s pregnancy:

16. This Ariana Grande fan, who doesn’t math so good:

15. This utterly hapless (and kind of mean?) parent:

14. And this one:

13. This cop:

12. This art admirer:

11. This soon-to-be Redbox employee:

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