Guy Creates A Group Text With All Of His Ex Girlfriends For The Holidays And It Completely Backfires

There’s nothing like the holiday season to put you in a sentimental and nostalgic mood. Many of us look back on the people we truly care about and wonder if they’re happy and how they are spending their holidays this year—especially our exes. While we all want to reach out and wish them a Happy and Healthy Holidays we know better. It really is like beating a dead horse. Texting one ex is one thing—but, texting all of them in a group chat, well that takes serious guts.

One man, named Tom, decided that for Christmas, he would wish all of his exes a Merry Ex-Mas by creating a group text with all of them in it. Tom claimed that this year he was “lonely” and wanted to remind them all he was still in existence. As you can imagine, it backfired.

Gemma seemed to be over it. Bella definitely didn’t want to be here. And Lisa, well Lisa had no time for Tom’s crap.

Steph decided to speak up after Bella tried to drag Tom for sleeping with her while they were together. Let the games begin!

Obviously, the ladies weren’t into it.

But, Gemma was down for the humor and decided that if Tom could be such a good sport, she’s down to grab a drink with him for the holidays.

So, while it backfired a bit—it turns out, Tom was truly winning in this idea.

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