Woman Receives Fake ‘Wrong Text’ Message From A Guy She’s Been Ignoring

A woman who had been ignoring repeated texts from a man received one from him that said “wrong text” but it was pretty clear he’d done it on purpose. And it definitely belongs in the Fake Wrong Text Hall of Fame.

Mariah White of Arlington, TX, told BuzzFeed News that she’d been getting the texts from the dude since early November. The texts all mostly just said “hi” or “how are you?” but this last one, the “wrong text” one, is hilariously obvious in its thirst for the 22-year-old’s attention. It involved both the man’s mother and his money, and it was clearly designed to get a response from White.

The man sent a text to White that was supposedly meant for his mother. It read, “Hey mom… I just transferred $2800.00 to your account…. you should have told me sooner that you needed help… text me when you get it…love you!” the text read, followed by one that said simply, “Wrong text….my bad….”

Speaking to BuzzFeed, White said, “I knew right away that was messed up because how do you send a whole text with all those ellipses and not realize it’s going to the wrong person? What are the odds that M-Ariah and M-Om are right next to each other in the contact list? It just did not add up.”

White men the man, who is reportedly in his forties or fifties, when she was driving for a car company and he was a passenger. White said, “We had a really good polite conversation about my unique major, the university, being the only black people in our departments, stuff like that.

The two exchanged contact information and she sent him a text with her full name so the man could add her on LinkedIn. Instead, the man started texting her. She said she got “weird vibes” from him, and after answering his first few texts, she began to ignore him.

White said she didn’t block him or anything because his messages were “so infrequent” that she “didn’t even think about it.”

White tweeted a screenshot of the awkward “wrong text” message, where it quickly went viral.

The responses she got to it were hilarious.

At least one person decided to try the text on someone else, to see if he got a response.

White said that she’s gotten a lot of “nasty DMs” telling her that she should have stopped “wasting his time” and just told him she wasn’t interested. But to that she says, “This was a grown man who somewhat misled me into giving him my number the first place. You should know when to call it quits when someone is clearly uninterested.”

H/T BuzzFeed News

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