People Are Freaking Out Over This 22-Year-Old Influencer’s Insane Salary

Refinery29’s Money Diaries—a column that asks millennials to break down every dollar spent over a seven-day period—is always interesting because it allows us to compare our own spending habits (and financial woes) to those of our peers. The brand’s most recent entry has caused quite a wave on social media.

The diary entry was written by a 22-year-old “E-commerce entrepreneur” who lives in New York City and reportedly makes a monthly average of $25-30,000 (a $300-360,000 yearly salary).


Though the 22-year-old’s actual job is never fully defined—she calls herself an E-commerce entrepreneur, a handbag designer, and a “healthy living influencer of sorts since high school”—she has raked in an average of $54,400 every month so far this year.

People had a lot of questions. For instance, why is she paying  for Netflix in standard definition?

Why doesn’t she own a printer?

She won’t take a $6 Uber because she “ain’t a baller” yet purchased a $650 Celine tote (granted, these funds “feel like Monopoly money” to OP)?

The logistics of her company were baffling to some.

Other points of confusion included being a “healthy living influencer” but eating McDonald’s and convenience store candy, the shockingly few inbox emails, the inconsistency between moving to Miami and starting grad school the following year, and shopping for swimwear on Amazon despite being a handbag designer.

There were, however, folks who pointed out that OP’s salary is certainly possible for those familiar with the E-commerce/advertising landscape.

The influencer eventually answered some questions in the comments section of her R29 diary entry, explaining how the $600K figure is overall business revenue and that her profit margins are actually 40-50% of that number.

“I did not collab with bigger brands, but did collab with a bunch of instagram influencers and ran a lot of Facebook and Instagram ads!” she pseudo-explained.

Teach us your ways, OP.

h/t Refinery29