Demanding Mom Loses It When Swimming Instructor Won’t Give Her Son Lessons

Some people think they deserve it all and shouldn’t have to pay for any of it. Sure, money is tight for almost everyone (not that 1 percent, though!) and you can’t blame a person for haggling a bit, but some people really have all the nerve.

And even when something is free, they demand all kinds of special considerations, because clearly, their needs are more important than anyone else's.

Like this ultra-demanding mother who demanded that a swim instructor give her son free private lessons and then got abusive when the instructor wouldn’t do it. Screenshots of the entire text conversation were posted on Reddit, where they’re getting a lot of attention due to the inanity of the situation.

It begins with the mom reaching out to a swim instructor and asking if her son could get lessons.

The swim instructor didn’t answer the mom in what she thought was a quick enough manner, so the mom texted repeatedly in the most obnoxious fashion.

So, to be clear, this person is offering to teach kids to swim for free, but that’s not good enough for the mom, who wants to be able to choose the time and wants her son to get a private lesson. For free. Did we mention free?

Next, the mom comes up with the incorrect idea that somehow her son deserves private lessons because he’s missed out on the lessons the instructor already gave the kids. What the??

The woman refused to take no for an answer. The instructor already explained that she couldn’t teach at one because she’d be at work.

And then the instructor got called a “lousy teacher” and a “selfish b*tch” because she wouldn’t bend to this mother’s will.

But the mom wasn’t done yet. She went on to call the instructor a “nasty horrible person.”

And now we can see that she’s gone off the deep end, so to speak. How does she know anything about this person who is just being nice by offering free swimming lessons to kids?

So the mom wants the teacher to…give her money? What is wrong with some people?

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