Shocking Celebrity Open Secrets That Everyone Should Know


Johnny Depp has an extensive history of domestic violence and or accusations dating all the way back to the mid 90’s. Yet people say he didn’t really hit Amber Heard.


Nicki Minaj paying for girls’ college tuition is pretty much always her way of drumming up good pr while she pays her team to squash stories about her rapist pedophile brother. She’s been doing this for about a year, IIRC, possibly more. She’s paying her brother’s way through life, her name is used to lure underage girls, his lawyer is paid for by her, and yes, that line in Remy Ma’s Shether? All true. She doesn’t actually give a fuck about women, but she parades around calling herself a feminist without doing even the bare minimum to show for it. Every nice thing she does for girls is self serving and usually tied to this. If you don’t know, her brother Jelani married a chick and then raped her nine year old daughter, his semen was found in her clothes.


Victor Salva, the director of the Jeepers Creepers movies is a pedophile. We were looking over the budget for the movie in college and noticed an extra insurance line. Our teacher informed us it was to protect the studio because he was a known pedophile.

Written by Alex Cogen

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