Woman Discovers What Shoulder Buttons On Jackets Are For, Deserves Nobel Prize Probably

A woman named Francheska recently made a world-shattering discovery. Her extensive jacket-related research led her to finally understand what those clippy shoulder buttons on jackets are for, leading many across social media to say, “What!? Really!? No way!”

“Taken me 18 years to find out that the weird shoulder buttons on jackets is to hold your bag in place so it doesn’t fall off,” wrote Francheska. “Who knew.” Nobody, apparently! That’s right! Much like the “oh sh*t” car handle, this easily and often overlooked accessory serves a practical purpose.

Twitter is grateful for Francheska and her sartorial revelation.

Even French Twitter hopped on board!

Also, it turns out that the shoulder-button-snap was originally created for soldiers in order to keep backpacks, weapons and other soldierly necessities in place.

Which makes a lot of sense, if you really think about it. Now, before you bombard my eye-and-earholes with shouts of I KNEW THAT (good for you!), consider that literally nobody cares.

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