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15 Space-Saving Products That’ll Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Surprisingly Roomy

Most of us are familiar with the struggle of living in a small space. Whether it’s a shared college dorm room or an NYC apartment, making the best use of your less than spacious living quarters is absolutely key. Fortunately, Amazon is full of nifty storage products that make a huge difference in a tiny space.

Check out these well-reviewed items and watch your home go from crowded and cluttered to organized and roomy. You’re welcome.

*We hope you dig the products we recommend or just enjoy reading our content. In the spirit of full disclosure, we may receive a portion of the sales made on this page.

15. This magnetic heat-resistant mat that turns any surface into an ironing board.

Encouraging Review: “I love the Magnetic Laundry Pad from Houseables. I don’t do a lot of ironing, so having a full-sized ironing board isn’t practical. I like the ease of “set up” and the fact that it takes up little space in my laundry room. Shipping was quick, and the product is good quality. I highly recommend the ironing mat if you’re looking to get rid of an ironing board or want a good alternative.” – Katotina 121

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14. An all-in-one kitchen tool that’s perfect for homes with limited cabinet space.

BUTEFO 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Set All in 1 Multipurpose Kitchen Gadget Kitchen Tool Bottle

Encouraging Review: “I saw this on a YouTube video and totally got trapped into how cute and gimmicky it is. I don’t regret buying it at all, though, because it is a convenient way of storing a ton of kitchen tools I needed and for only $10! I would say it’s more than worth it if you don’t have a majority of the tools, which I didn’t, because I’m in college. But if you already have a measuring cup, cheese grinder, jar opener, funnel, etc, it might not be worth it for you.”  – Rebecca

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13. This fold-out mounted desk that gives you a modern home office in seconds.

Wooden-Life Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk - White …

Encouraging Review: “Absolutely perfect for a small space! It came fully assembled so we just had to hang it which took about 20 minutes. Tip – we unfolded the desk, put a piece of broken crayon in each of the back “hanging holes” and then were able to mark the wall without measuring.” – M Varga

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12. A roll-up dish drying rack that fits right over your sink.

Encouraging Review: “This is an incredible product!! It is so practical. I use it every day – because it’s too handy not to. I use it on an old farmhouse double sink – over the right side. The company doesn’t brag about my favorite feature- It rolls partially up anytime to give you use of a drying rack plus half the sink still to use. Also, it’s so sturdy- steady and solid- it holds a lot of weight. The coating makes a nice non-slip surface. I’m just surprised at how much I like this thing- normally these items are humdrum. This one is an invaluable addition to my kitchen.” – Amazon Customer

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11. This ottoman and storage container in one.

Encouraging Review: “Beyond satisfied with this purchase! I recently moved to a tiny apartment with not a lot of storage room. I used to have all of my shoes in a huge laundry bag, now, of course, this was not efficient at all so I opted for getting this baby in black and it is perfect! All of my shoes or most of my shoes fit there, it has plenty of storage room.” – Amazon Customer

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10. A very chic bookshelf that also functions as a reading light.

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9. This storage cabinet that fits over the back of your toilet.

Encouraging Review: “I really love this shelf. It was simple to put together, it seems very sturdy for particle board, and it looks nice in my tiny bathroom. I love the ability to change the shelf heights, and the dark-colored shelf (kind of a marbled-gray pattern applied to the wood) adds some interesting contrast.” – Anna

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8. A nifty bedside shelf to hold all of your necessities when you don’t have room for a nightstand.

BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf - 9 Colors / 4 Sizes - AS SEEN ON Business Insider (Original, Natural)

Encouraging Review: “Great little bed shelf that clamps onto my bed frame! Solves my missing night stand issue… The bamboo wood was done real nicely with a glossy stain – classy look. Clamps work well and don’t damage my wooden bed because they have felt on them. Seems really sturdy and holds my books. Even has a slot for a cord for my phone charger. Happy with my purchase.” – smokingmole

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7. This pack of 10 shoe slots that’ll literally double your storage space.

Encouraging Review: “I recently purchased the 10-pack of Shoe Slotz from Amazon. I love to be organized so when I came across the Shoe Slotz product to organize my shoes on the shelves in my closet, I was excited to try them. They were easy to set up and they work great! I still had more shoes that needed to be organized so I immediately ordered another box of 10. My shoe shelves look so organized now and this product solved a problem for me. Shoe Slotz are great and I highly recommend them.” – Laurden2

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