These 19 Teachers Had Very Inappropriate Interactions With Students

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There is a sacred rule among students and teachers alike: thou shalt not sleep with thy educator or pupil. Once you’re outta school, YOU DO YOU, but when you’re in those hallowed halls, mingling with teachers and students, you shouldn’t be hitting that, ’cause it’s hella sketchy and inappropriate.

But, despite that well-known rule, bishes be doin’ that shit anyways. Like, isn’t your job and reputation enough to keep you from doing dumb things with minors? GUESS NOT. Seriously, why ruin your life for a little D (lol little cause THEY’RE MINORS)?

So teachers and students… just keep banging people your own age, and don’t be perverted sex crazed maniacs. And if the attraction is THAT potent, then keep it in your pants until you’re no longer walking down the same hallways. What is that old saying? Don’t shit where you eat? F*ck where you eat? Whatever, just don’t do it dummies.

These 19 students and teachers and very inappropriate interactions:


Had a sophomore come into my class after hours to ask me what she could do to change her grade to passing. I said “what do you have in mind?” She says “I’ll do anything for you to change it.” Me, innocently, “like what?” She took a step closer and dropped her voice and said “I’ll do ANYTHING for you to change this grade.” My asshole puckered and my stomach dropped. I suddenly realized what she meant. I dropped my voice and stepped closer to her. We were inches away from each other. I said, “I know what you can do.” She got excited and said “what!?” I softly whispered “study more.” She was fucking PISSED.


In high school my english teacher used to flirt with my girlfriend at the time daily, and it came to the point that I confronted him about it and he didn’t deny any of it, he pretty much just said “Oh she’s yours?” and left her alone… fast forward 2 years later I’m graduated and front page of my local paper, My English teacher arrested for 3 some with 16 year old boy and girl. Guy was quite the pervert. I heard this wasn’t his first time either.


My school system did just recently fire and have arrested a 35 year old female substitute teacher. She was having sex with several of her male students and was caught with sexing one of them up during her planning period one day in January this year.


I was a TA for college English. The students were only 2-3 years younger than I was at the time. One young lady decided to wear a tank top without a bra to our one-on-one conference over her research paper. She received absolutely no helpful advice, I’m sure. I couldn’t think. She got a higher grade not because I appreciated that she used her sexuality against me, but because I knew I didn’t help at all when we were in the conference.

Written by Alex Cogen

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