Woman Accidentally Wears Singing Panties To Work And It Went As Well As You Can Expect

We all make mistakes when we’re running out to work, exhausted, and just trying to make it through the day. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve worn two different socks because I’m half asleep and struggling to get out on time. For many of us, wearing the wrong thing is as simple as “oops, these pants definitely don’t match this shirt.” But, for one woman, her wardrobe mistake was quite embarrassing when she accidentally wore singing underwear to work.

Lisa shared the story on Twitter of how at work in a dentist office, she wore a pair of underwear her ex-boyfriend, Adam, had given her years ago—not knowing they were “musical panties.”

Lisa said that the music played right out of her crotch—when her patient’s head was only inches away.

Embarrassed, she tried to blame it on her phone ringing—but, let’s be real, she definitely felt it.

She decided to completely get rid of the underwear altogether, to prevent any further “mistakes.”

Could you imagine?!?

She decided to share the hilarious story on Twitter because don’t we all love embarrassing ourselves online?

She also shared that she and Adam had broken up years ago, but threw the underwear on because—well, it’s a pair of underwear.

And, she explained she had no idea that the underwear was “singing panties” because they look like completely normal underwear.

Here’s what they look like:

Honestly, this has to be the funniest “accidental” mix-up there is. We hope Lisa threw those panties away for good.

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