30 Women Reveal The Scariest Ways Guys Have Reacted To Rejection


A guy on okcupid had messaged me a few times, and I told him I wasn’t interested. After the third time I asked him not to message me again and he threatened to track me down and anally rape me. He was also old enough to be my father, so there’s that.



There’s a 24-hr. cafe attached to a cheap hotel in my town, and my sister and I used to go get food after getting off of our serving shifts. It was sketchy, but we were hungry and young and naive. One night, as we were leaving, there was a group of guys loitering in the parking lot. They asked us to stop and talk to them, and we just said no thanks and kept walking. They asked us to come party with them in their room and we ignored them. Angry that we weren’t responding, they started following us and cussing us out for being rude. We walked faster. By the time we reached our car, they had surrounded us. They tried to physically stop us from getting in the car, grabbing at us and holding the doors open. We somehow managed to get in and close and lock the doors. I know if we had been parked further away or had not been together, this story would have a much worse ending. Every time I think of it, I immediately think of what I should have done differently; how I could have prevented the situation. That’s bullshit. I was an 18 yr old girl being verbally and physically harassed by six or seven middle aged men, and that’s not my damn fault.



Met up with this guy once and I had no feelings for him that he had for me and I told him I wanted to be only friends. Apparently that wasn’t enough for him. He tried to have me arrested for drug possession (I had none on me) after I had to call the cops on him for threatening me and my friend after we wouldn’t allow him into the apartment because of drugs and the gun he had. He had an illegal gun in his possession and would threaten to use it not only him and I, but anybody else in my life who would get in the way of his love for me. His friends who told me to “give him a chance” wouldn’t leave me alone neither with him. I couldn’t go to certain places without people coming with me because he would show up. After I told him I’d go to the police for a restraining order he stopped, but from time to time he still messages me with threats(from new accounts) and I block every last one.



He told me he had considered trying to get me pregnant so I would have to marry him.



My ex-boyfriend threatened to send dirty pictures of me to my family after I said I didn’t want to have sex with him