Workers Of Reddit Are Sharing Their Epic “Screw this, I Quit” Moments

Most of us have had moments where we wanted nothing more than to quit our jobs, to tell our bosses to go to hell forever, preferably while making a dramatic scene and breaking something of value. Yet very few of us actually get the opportunity to do so.

As the wise Homer Simpson once said, “If you don't like your job, you don't go on strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed – that's the American way.” That's what most of us do. But not these intrepid quitters. They whole-assed leaving their job, and to them, we are forever grateful.


I quit after working for four hours at a sushi restaurant. I asked where the bathroom was and I was told “we don't really get bathroom breaks.” I left right then and never came back. It was pretty sad the manager said he understood and wasn't mad at all.



I was five minutes late and was chewed out because of this, but they were so keen to forget that I filled in for them the previous day because someone quit on the spot. I too quit on the spot.



Years ago I worked in a restaurant and it was Christmastime. This place was supposed to function with 4 waitresses, a busboy, dishwasher, manager and 2 cooks.

Only the manager and I showed up. He did the cooking, I took orders, served, bussed tables, washed dishes and so on.

During this I accidentally dropped 2 bread plates and they broke. Manager says to me “I'll have to take those out of your pay”. I told him that was funny, thinking he was joking. He wasn't.

I turned around and grabbed a stack of dinner plates, threw them on the floor and said “take those out of my pay too” and walked out to leave him with the whole mess.



Previous workplace gave me a promotion to “Sales Lead.” Buried in the fine text was a line that read something to the effect of “if there isn't an actual manager around, you become the manager on duty.”

Didn't think anything of it until they conveniently fired my direct manager a week later, didn't replace her, and expected me to do all the work she used to without a promotion or pay raise.



For the second year in a row the big meeting with the CEO went “And we hit 150% of our targets this year. No pay raises for anyone.”



I was hired for a college to run their office where students got hands on work in the field. When I discovered that they were ripping off students hours, I started providing students copies of their hours and telling them to keep a notebook with the copies for their records.

See the students were on a contract that if they didn’t graduate by the date estimated for completion, students were required to pay $200 every additional week it took to complete among suspensions (which in turn went against contract graduation date).

They also asked me to falsify report of students absences to suspend them even though I had documented proof the student was in class. I decided to leave that job but not before telling students to report them to the state board and providing statements for the lawyer who the students gathered to represent their case.



HR dude calls on Friday at 6pm: “Hey, i'm really sorry, the insurance company won't cover you until you're an employee for 60 days”

Me: “that's…a shame. Since you promised that you'd cover me and children right away, that you'd arrange the 60 days going to not apply to me, and i told you that was a condition for me accepting this job. Also, my son's surgery is literally on Monday, in 2 days.”

And he was shocked shocked that i quit the next week, just totally livid that i gave a week's notice. “You know this means you'll never work here again” yeah jorge that's the f*cking point.



Company promised a retreat in Banff because we hit our sales targets. Two weeks before the trip, they say it's been cancelled, with no plans to pay us out for the pooled bonus that would have went towards that trip. On the weekend of the trip, a manager posts a photo of her and other managers in Banff. But oh no, it wasn't work related!!! They said it was for a managers birthday (even though one of the managers that went absolutely hates the one who was allegedly celebrating the birthday). Quit shortly after



When I was 17, my boss asked if I had any extra Vicodin left over from my on-site work injury, and if he could have it. The owners of that Subway were f-ed up on opiates. I left not long after.