Posted on: Jan 30 2017

27 Couples Who Have Mastered The Art Of Road Head


Giving or receiving road head is a pretty tricky feat. Either you’re getting your knob slobbed on and you have to concentrate on not driving off the road and killing yourself as well as the person who’s sucking your D — OR, you have to find the perfect angle, reach, and maneuver to make that blow job even happen. Kudos to you if you can keep jizz from getting everywhere on that nice leather interior.

We see that bobbing head in the Civic right in front of us, so get that road head with pride, dudes! And for those brave souls who risk choking on a d*ck every time they hit a pothole, GO GET ‘EM (and watch the teeth). Road head is dangerous in the best kind of way.

Getting pulled over by the cops is one thing (and it’s a hilarious story you’ll have for the rest of your life), but plz don’t die in a horrific car accident. I don’t think it will look very good at the funeral when Grandma asks how you went. “Jessica, 22, lost her life in a freak d*ck sucking accident. Brad came too quickly with his eyes closed and drove off the side of a cliff.” C*cks kill, y’all.

These 27 BJ daredevils threw caution to the wind and got their Ds sucked while driving: