17 People Reveal The Reasons Behind Their Foot Fetish

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Feet — they help get you from point A to B, they can be primped and pampered and polished, they hurt like a motherf*cker after your 9 hour shift, and they can facilitate the best gahd-damn orgasm of your entire life. Well, for some people.

The realm of foot fetishism has gained more traction over the years thanks to the internet, a more progressive sex-positive community, and the fact that butt stuff and furries have taken over the “taboo” tab of your favorite porn. Like, if a guy you’re seeing starts rubbing your feet and sucking on your toes — breathe easy! He could have asked you to sh*t on his chest, so I’d take his foot worshipping as a compliment.

Whether you’re into smelly feet, dainty feet, man feet, or just want someone in 10 inch stilettos to crush your balls a little bit, just have faith that there’s someone out there for you. And when you do find that special someone, don’t be afraid to speak out on your penchant for foot jobs! It might seem weird and gross to think about rubbing your junk on bae’s genitals, but let your freak flag fly and just stick that big toe in your girl’s vagine, bro!

17 feet worshipers explain the reason behind their dirty fetish:


A girl’s feet don’t need to be washed to enjoy them. I prefer them sweaty and tired and dirty as long as they have an arousing type of smell, and the stronger the better. Girl’s feet, their sweat glands in them, give off natural pheromones that can flip some guys’ switches on. Some guys like me are triggered by this scent, while others are not.


I wouldn’t say it is a fetish, but feet (clean feet) definitely get some attention from me. They are sensitive with lots of nerve endings and it is one of the few parts of the body with very visible bone structure. I find the calf-ankle-foot of a woman to be very visually appealing. Plus toes can do stuff.


There’s an entire industry devoted to (mostly) women keeping their feet beautiful. Think pedicures or think about the fact that most women’s shoes are designed to show off their feet, and vice versa for men (when was the last time you saw a man wearing peep-toe pumps?). So already objectively women’s feet are better groomed than men’s. Add to that the fact that legs in general and feet in specific can be revealed within the confines of “public society,” and it makes sense that some people find them attractive, including myself.


If I’m just looking at a guy’s/girl’s feet it doesn’t really do much for me. If I start to fantasize about the domination aspect (licking/smelling their feet) then it starts to turn me on a lot. So yeah.


I use a woman’s feet as a way to gauge how meticulous and organized she is. Thus creating a situation where I am aroused by the implications of this value judgement. The same can be said about maintained fingernails also, just not as strong in my case.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.