The 19 Creepiest Missing Person Cases

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You’ve seen the signs and you’ve received the amber alerts. People go missing every day, and it’s f*cking horrible. Sometimes the circumstances are quite clear. There were witnesses, and you know exactly what happened to the person.

But other times, it’s all a creepy mystery. No one quite understands what happened and where the person went. Were they kidnapped? Were they murdered? Did they just up a leave? The unknown is quite frightening. Sometimes the cases are solved eventually, but they rarely have a happy ending. These cases often end with the discovery of a body, and it’s brutally horrific.

The following 19 people confess the missing persons cases that haunt them. Whether it’s a famous case that has received public attention, or someone they knew that deeply troubles them, these people are never going to forget these 19 creepy missing persons cases, and chances are, neither will you.

These are 19 of the creepiest missing persons cases:


Yale med student Annie Le went missing shortly before her wedding. Just vanished. The strange thing was, surveillance showed her entering the lab where she worked but never leaving it. The police searched the building for days. Eventually they found her, A lab assistant had murdered her in the lab, cut her body into pieces and stuffed it into the gap between two walls.


Missing pregnant woman in my town. She put up an ad on Facebook for other pregnant women to hangout with and to get advice from. Only one person responded and they became really great friends. They were friends for a couple months and one day she just goes missing for about a week. Suddenly, someone sees a woman laying on the side of the road, guts pulled out and laid in a neat pile. So fresh there’s still steam. Dental records prove it is the pregnant woman but there’s no baby to be seen anywhere. Turns out the “friend” had cut out her baby and brought it to the hospital claiming to have had the baby in her car. What tipped them off was that instead of a placenta the woman had brought pregnant lady’s ovaries instead.


My brother in law’s uncle was driving to work and they found his truck with all his belongings, (except clothes) still running on the side of the road. No sign of him. Just gone.


There’s a famous Japanese case where a mother said she’s going to meet an old classmate, left the house leaving an 18 month old baby behind and never came back. What was really creepy about it was when the husband was being interviewed on TV, there was a memo on the wall that said “Don’t believe in anything Yoko says.” Yoko was the name of the missing lady’s sister.

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