23 Men Confess The Craziest Things They Did For A Girl

Image via Buzzfeed
Image via Buzzfeed

Having a crush can be completely debilitating. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, and you’ll do anything to make that person notice you. And I mean ANYTHING. You burn, you pine, you perish!

People seriously do some crazy sh*t in the name of love. They’ll learn new languages, instruments, and even switch colleges for someone they have a crush on. Some people will even risk bodily injury for some nookie. I mean, I will do anything thing for looooveee.. but I won’t do that.

Some men and boys do some wild stuff for the ladies. Like what is it with that girl, does she have beer flavored nipples or something? Yes I clearly just watched 10 Things I Hate About You, but that’s besides the point.

So have you done anything as crazy as the following 23 dudes? They seriously went above and beyond for a gal, and sometimes it paid off. Unfortunately other times they didn’t get the girl, but they learned a valuable lesson. Don’t change yourself for anyone.. well, at least permanently. For just one day to get your nut, that’s cool.

These 23 men did crazy things for a girl:


Went skinny dipping in the middle of winter. When I got out she was far from impressed.


I didn’t have money growing up but somehow had a girlfriend. She wanted to go to prom and I couldn’t afford it, so her dad told me I could paint their fence for prom money (they were very well off. Successful bankers). It was Texas in April so pretty hot. And the fence was very long as they lived on a ranch and had horses. It sucked.


I once let a girl sit on my lap for an hour or two even though I was bursting for a shit. When she finally got up I excused myself politely and proceeded to f*cking destroy my friends toilet.


My girlfriend is from Poland, so I drove back and forth between Belgium and Poland about 10 times in eight months. I’d often take Friday off, drive there on Thursday after work, then drive back hove on Sunday to be back for work. The trip was almost 1000 km one way.


Written by Alex Cogen

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