23 Teens Share What’s “Cool” Right Now

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Ahh, teenagers. Remember when you were one? I do. Being cool meant wearing horseback riding boots, listening to top 40, and wearing Tiffany’s jewelry. It was a different world, and one I don’t miss.

But the one things about teens? They always seem to know what’s “cool”. Or, we just think it’s cool because we’re all old farts. But teenagers are always up on the newest trends, music, and slang. If it weren’t for teenagers, I wouldn’t know what the terms “lit” and “deadass” meant, and I am eternally grateful.

So, do you want to be cool again? Want to revert back to your younger days? Well look no further, because these 23 teenagers are going to tell us what’s hip, and turn us into Kate from Lizzie McGuire. Oh god, did I just show my age? Yikes. Ignore me, I’m like, 19.

These 23 teenagers tell us older folks what’s “cool” right now:


This thing called Brady Bunching. It’s when you and all your friends buy a bunch of packing peanuts and then you braid your pubes together and kinda sumo wrestle to have control over packing peanut and pube mountain.


Slang I hear a lot: “aesthetic” “lit/litty” self explanatory “bet” pretty much used to end a conversation “tea” in place of “gossip”, like, when talking about someone “spill the tea!!!” “finesse” when stealing something or pretty much being a smartass to get out of a situation “sick” is coming back “deadass” kinda used in place of “definitely” “finna” “clout” etc etc etc a lot of it is just mimicing AAVE “african american vernacular english” because for some reason being black or asian (again, kpop and anime) is in right now?


Doing everything ironically. Dabbing, memes, music, anything really.


Thrift shopping. It’s weird how Goodwill went from dump to a treasure trove ever since the whole 90s trend started.

Written by Alex Cogen

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