15 Wildly Inappropriate Chain Texts to Troll Your Friends With – For Any Occasion


Remember those terrible chain emails your friends used to send you back in the day?

They'd always end with some threat – either of bad sex for 20 years, or a story about a little girl who'd come kill you – that is, if you didn't send it to 5 more people within 24 hours.

You may have thought we'd moved that sort of thing – but apparently, teens today have resurrected the chain message trend… and they've put an interesting new spin on things.

Instead of free wishes and odd superstitions, these chain texts (courtesy of chaintexts.tumblr.com) are filled with eggplant emojis and absolutely filthy puns.

And as for what they promise, you'll see everything from “daddy’s candy” to “Christmas cummies.” Just what you wanted, right?

Here are 15 of the dirtiest chain texts you can send your friends, covering holidays from Easter to Veteran’s Day.

1. There's one for the New Year.



2. And there's one to spread the gospel.



3. Isn't this just what every mother wants to receive for Mother’s Day?


Written by Jane Hervey

managing editor at TFLN