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    13 Pooping Products People Are Buying On Amazon Today

    We all know that Amazon is the cheapest, most convenient place to buy stuff. Which is great! But it’s also not the easiest site to browse – there’s just so much to buy, you could be on there all day just…clicking around. So I wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t already, that […] More

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    20 Things Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

    Each week we do a deep dive to figure out what the Internet’s heathens are buying to cram in their various holes. Set that browser to incognito, because here’s what we’ve got this week. 20. This all-in-one vibrating dildo with thrusting, vibration, and even a heat setting for the real deal. Glowing Review: What can […] More

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    26 WTF Things On Amazon That You Didn’t Know Existed

    There’s some weird stuff out there. For instance, did you know that squiggly eyebrows are a thing? Yeah, people are weird and culture is getting weirder. It won’t be long before pigs fly and mice talk, and ham sandwiches are called “Scrootle Dundles.” I don’t know, s**t is weird. Speaking of weird, there’s a ton […] More

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    Fake Camel Toe Underwear Is Apparently The Latest Fashion Trend

    Yeah, we’re confused, too! Everyone’s been there. You’re rocking a new outfit, feeling great, but then you look down and see it: camel toe. It’s one of the biggest fashion faux pas out there. Many tabloids have made collage after collage of celebrities getting caught committing this fashion treason in public. For most people, it’s […] More

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    You Can Buy Oven Mitts With Swear Words

    Even if you’re like me and you enjoy cooking, there are still times when the kitchen is your least favorite room in the house. Maybe it’s when, no matter how many precautions you took, something went wrong and dinner is ruined. Or maybe it’s just the prospect of dicing a bell pepper for the millionth […] More

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    27 Products For Girls Who Just Can’t Ever Get Enough D**k

    Personally speaking, I think dicks are pretty gross. They’re veiny, creepy little flesh monsters that serve next to no purpose besides making sure you earn 30% more than women and occasionally getting someone pregnant. But some women just can’t get enough d**k. And I respect that. Which is why I’ve taken the time to compile this […] More

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    29 Weird But Brilliant ‘Shark Tank’ Products You Can Buy On Amazon

    1. This inflatable travel pillow/hoodie combo, appropriately named, that’s right: Hoodie-Pillow. For a cheaper than you can buy a headrest in the airport, you can tackle the two biggest problems with flying: finding a comfortable sleeping position and having to acknowledge the existence of others! 2. Scrub-Daddy, the only combination father-figure/sponge you’ll ever need. Promising […] More

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    19 Products That Will Take You Back to the 90s

    If you were born in the 90s, or at least lived through the 90s, you know how epic of a decade it was. From the neon to the crazy new gadgets, the 90s were all about fun. I mean, the 90s gave us incredible cartoons, dope boy bands in matching clothes, and fanny packs. It […] More

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