15 Actually Radical Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon

I say this every year, but every year I am shocked, literally SHOCKED when Halloween basically SPRINGS itself upon me. What I’m saying is, I end up ordering a costume from Amazon a week in advance if I’m lucky, two days out Prime-style if not. If you are anything like me…this one’s for you.

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15. This sexy but comfortable glow-in-the-dark skeleton catsuit:

Amazon/Savannah Englebach

Encouraging Review: “I purchased this costume to wear for Halloween this year and I am so pleased! It’s sexy without being over the top, kind of a subtle sexiness about it. And it’s comfortable!” – Savannah Englebach 

Get it on Amazon for $33.67 – $53.95 (size dependent).

14. This pretty sweet peanut butter and jelly couples costume:


Encouraging Review: “I really liked these costumes. They are funny and unique yet require no work. The backsides have little going on and when we were separated some people didn’t quite know what each of were but when together it was definitely a big hit. The print was quite realistic looking and the fit would accommodate many sizes and shapes.” – darbyb

Get it on Amazon for $36.79.

13. This pretty epic inflatable dinosaur-rider costume:

Amazon/Amazon Customer

Encouraging Review: “These worked fantastic, looked fantastic, and got laughter and compliments everywhere we went. … also really confused some kids and even grown ups. Highly recommended.” – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $27.89.

12. This badass killer ninja costume:


Encouraging Review: “I was the best dressed ninja at the party! This was a very popular outfit this year, however I decided to wear a white wig with it. I crossed the leg wraps differently because they did not stay up and I placed holes in my arm portions so that I could secure the arm wraps.” – Ryott

Get it on Amazon starting at $28.81.

11. This fun and floral dress, to make all your hippie dreams come true:


Encouraging Review: “Perfect, comfy, covers enough of me, stylish, not too short, fair price.” – Donna B.

Get it on Amazon starting at $37.75.

10. A gorgeous butterfly wing shawl that comes in a bunch of different vibrant colors.


Encouraging Review: “This arrived in perfect condition. I order two because I had read that the print is visible on onside only so I can put the two together. I am thrilled with the item and the seller. The colors are just as pictured and will be a stunning outfit for my next costume affair.” – Tina E. Detweiler 

Get it on Amazon for $15.88.

9. This sassy ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Queen of Hearts getup:

Amazon/Dee El

Encouraging Review: “Perfect! I’m 5’8 and wear size 12-16 ha! Dress was perfect in every way, buy a corset to make the dress fit like a glove!” – Debra

Get it on Amazon for $29.99-59.99.

8. A scrumptious taco costume:


Encouraging Review: “So, so cute! My husband and I both have this costume and love it. We wore it for Halloween and then ran a turkey trot in it. I just put mine over leggings and a fitted shirt and it’s perfect. We got so many compliments!” – Elizabeth Lewis

Get it on Amazon for $39.94.

7. This flowy, accurate Princess Leia costume:

Amazon/jodie brunelle

Encouraging Review: “I love this dress so much, it looks so authentic. I am 5’0 and 110 pounds, I ordered a medium because I has previously ordered a small and they sent me a short dress. The medium fits amazing. It goes to the bottoms of my toes and it has room to be bunched up at the top like the real Leia’s. It is the perfect amount of flowy.” – jodie brunelle

Get it on Amazon starting at $34.99.

6. This cuddly and comfy brown bear costume:

Amazon/Amazon Customer

Encouraging Review: “Don’t hibernate on this fam. Super soft and comfortable. In fact, I’m wearing it right now as I’m typing this up. I’m about 6ft close to 160lbs athletic build and the medium fits me perfectly. Perfect for a Halloween costume or if you just want to stunt on everyone on the block.” – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $48.90.

5. These Disney one-piece pajamas that come in a bunch of different characters and is pretty much usable all year round:


Encouraging Review: “I love this costume/pajamas!! The material is like a fleece blanket and it’s very soft. It’s not super heavy like some onesies can be. It fits me as expected and is true to size.” – Ashley S

Get it on Amazon starting at $29.00.

4. This cute and cozy bat costume:


Encouraging Review: “I freakin love it!!!! The material is like a blanket. Kinda like the little $4 blankets you get at Walmart. Nothin too fancy but it’s so warm!!!! Im 5’4 180lbs I got an extra large and it fits perfect!!! And it’s not too snug on my D cups! 🙂 :)” – Tina Doll

Get it on Amazon starting at $31.10.

3. This satisfying Diet Coke tank dress, complete with a cap for a hat:


Encouraging Review: “Very cute dress! I ordered this for Halloween and it arrived in time. It was a bit smug across my hips but I am a bit larger there 🙂 I liked the hat it came with as well.” – Jessica Byrd

Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

2. A realistic bacon strip costume that’s easy, fun, and delicious.

Amazon/Angela Puccioni

Encouraging Review: “My son wanted to be bacon for Halloween. I thought he was crazy but that is what he wanted. I have to say he looked funny but that’s the point it was just great. His school had a Halloween parade and we saw him coming from a mile away. He loved the costume and so did his classmates. The costume was well made and is still holding up pretty well a few months later. The stitching is still in one piece and no rips or tears. Every once in a while he will still put it on and walk around the house” – BC

Get it on Amazon for $28.35.


1. This beaded flapper dress that comes in a rainbow of colors, for the ideal Daisy Buchanan look on a budget:


Encouraging Review: “Bought several of these in different colors and sizes for a show, and all of the girls fit their dresses perfectly! The dresses are lightweight and breathable. The material underneath the fringe is kind of thin, so with the lighter colors (like yellow and blue) we just put camisoles and biker shorts on underneath, and that fixed the problem!” – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon starting at $27.99.

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