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‘Friends’ Is Leaving Netflix In January And People Are Totally Not Fine With It

Every month or so Netflix typically updates its streaming library—new movies or shows will be added while others will be removed, and so on and so forth. Usually, the streaming service will keep its most popular/longest running shows like Friends available year-round, because everyone loves them and it would be cruel to rob us of the one good thing in this crappy world.

However, we’ve recently learned that Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey will, in fact, be leaving Netflix in January and it looks like 2019 is already going to suck. Unsurprisingly, people are totally NOT fine with this news.

If you haven’t already heard, Friends is leaving Netflix in January.

It’s true. All 10 seasons of our favorite sitcom will stop streaming in the US on Jan. 1. Apparently, Warner Media is starting its own streaming service in 2019 which is where the iconic New York City pals will be available at a later date.

Most of us are in deep denial that this is happening.

We will not pivot! While there may be other “similar” shows to watch on Netflix, nothing compares to Friends. And if you disagree, kindly see yourself out.

Seriously, at a loss.

Unsurprisingly, fans are taking to Twitter to air their grievances with Netflix.

It’s totally not fine.

Phoebe said it best.

Seriously, why Netflix?

Safe to say 2019 is going to suck.

Some fans are even threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

While others are starting a petition to keep Friends on the streaming service.

If you need us, we’ll be binge-watching every episode and trying to use the ancient art of Unagi to erase this day.