Girl’s Viral Movie Trailer Trolling Her Boyfriend Is The Must-See Drama Of 2018

We’ve all been there: we’re texting our boyfriends and aren’t getting responses at all. So, our minds go wild with possibilities about where they could be and why they aren’t answering us. Many of us send back to back messages to them saying “hello?????” “where r u” “answer me!!!!”—looking straight up crazy. Buzz, buzz, it’s me again, b*tch.

One girl took crazy girlfriend to a whole new level when she decided to create movie trailer about her missing boyfriend. Paulina Ramirez made a fake movie trailer for the film “Where The Fuck Is George.” Her boyfriend, George, fell asleep—but, they were supposed to go out and get chicken and waffles. Naturally, she was mad…I would be too.

But, her movie trailer was top notch. 

So much so, that people online were blown away. They were even offering her paid work for film editing.

If you’re looking to make your own trailer, this crazy GF only used iMovie to create it, using a template. She claims she’s not that good at video editing and feels she couldn’t truly take a paid gig due to her lack of experience, but if you were to ask me—this is talent.

Either way, we stan this girlfriend because she knows how to make a bad situation hilarious. I do wonder if she ever got her chicken and waffles though!

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