21 Times People Got Higher Than God And Shared With Social Media

Smoking weed can be a social activity or it can be something you do alone and then tweet about because you're so insanely high and need to immediately share your thoughts about birds needing shirts, or whatever. For those of us who are not high, perhaps because we're at work, it is great to be able to visit the brain of a high person. Keep tweeting, stoners, you're making all our lives so much better. These are just a big ol' batch of funny high tweets. Scroll through and laugh until you feel like you've smoked.

1. The Stoner Cookbook gets a new entry

2. Everybody put your hands in the air and pass the blunt

3. It is NOT safe to unbuckle your seatbelt

4. False advertising isn't funny high tweets be damned

5. A story in three parts

6. The Stone Age Tragedy

7. I love lamp.

8. What can't pot motivate us not to do?

9. Edibles: “Surprise, bitch!”

10. Least of two evils

11. When a lawyer gets high

12. The dangers of recreational drug use

13. Challenge Accepted

14. Sure, Jan

15. Just wait and see what shows up in the mail, though

16. A true guard dog

17. But show us the dance you did

18. It sounds delicious

19. I need to be high to understand this

20. It was both

21. Of course, some of us are high at work

(We see you, Barry Burbank).

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