Man Says Women Complaining About Periods Are ‘So Disgusting’ And Gets Murdered In The Replies

If there’s one thing Twitter has no shortage of, it’s bad takes.

They’re everywhere. Spend just a few minutes perusing the platform, and you’re bound to come up with several. In fact, here’s one right now! It was tweeted out by user @Mr_Emmcap__ on Christmas day, and says that women should keep their “disgusting” period pain complaints to themselves.

The man wrote: “It’s so disgusting the way some girls complain about period pain on social media. Yes, we know that you guys go through a lot during period but is it that too difficult to keep it yourselves or what?”

Women responded by the dozen, many of them offering super-detailed renditions of their menstruation experiences.

Particularly involving, err, backdoor expulsions:

And while some went above and beyond chronicling their “disgusting” periods, others wrote about the debilitating pain menstruation can cause.

A whole slew of others simply voiced their support for all the badass women in the world still going about their day and getting sh*t done, all while experiencing crippling pain.

In fact, the original tweet seemed to have backfired, as multiple women voiced their joy at having found others with similar experiences.

Which seems fine by him. OP has yet to reply to any of the nearly 2,000 comments to his rage-bait tweet, but has since pinned it to his Twitter profile, seemingly doubling down on his take.

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