People Are Sharing Their Most Mortifying Film-Watching Experiences With Parents And The Second-Hand Cringe Is Real

A couple of days ago, podcaster and writer merritt k posed a very interesting question to Twitter. The question, which was rooted in an experience most everyone has had, was interesting not only for the breadth and variety of the responses, but of their quality.

“What is the most mortifying filmgoing experience you ever had with a parent?” asked @merritk. “Mine was, without a doubt, 2001's Saving Silverman, in which r.lee ermey as a high school coach urges the characters to stay away from women because “all they want from you is your man juice.”

The responses gathered by this question were certainly mortifying, but also incredibly funny, in a way that was crushing, cringey, reliable, and awkward all at once.

(My personal experience would have to be watching the sex scene between Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in Terminator at age 11. Lots of fondling. Much moaning.)

23. This parental discomfort:

22. This awkward situation:

21. …Annnd again:

20. This motherly outburst:

19. This agonizing condition:

18. This easy-to-imagine stress:

17. This horror of all horrors:

16. This judgey stare:

15. This scandalized grandma:

14. This aviary mixup:

13. This lose-lose moment:

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