Men Are Sharing The Most Disgusting Things They Do In Private Aaaand That’s Enough Internet For Today.

So…I stumbled across this Reddit thread started by u/youknowthatimnot, who asked, “Men of reddit, what is the most disgusting thing you do in private?” before adding, “Only asking because my brother (a grown ass 24 yr old man) is currently in the bathroom taking a dump while eating a bowl of lucky charms…” and the update: “He literally came out of the bathroom asking if we have a plunger.”

Well, friends. I learned a lot. I hope you do too, but be forewarned: you may never look at your fellow humans the same way again, as demonstrated by the following testimonials (Reddit comments):

“After reading this thread, I am no longer disgusted by what I do in private anymore.”—LogicReddit

“1/3 of you are normal, 1/5 are questionable and 1/2 of ya'll are f**king disgusting, and I don't even care that my math makes no sense.—Citizen01123


I haven't met anyone so far that didn't think peeing in the shower was gross. I'm sure they're liars but still. I also blow my nose in to my hand in the shower and just wash it away.—Dynasty2201


Use wet wipes to finger my a**hole after pooping to get it as clean as possible Update: huh, and just like that my top comment is about fingering my a**. Update: Well I guess I'm getting a bidet now.—warewolfjesus


I jack it in the work bathroom sometimes. Sometimes you just gotta jack it before you can get back to work.—emartinoo


Probably pick my toenails, sometimes I do it with my teeth—LEGORomanSoldier


Enioy the smell of my farts. I guess it's true everybody likes the smell of their own brand.—gratefulphish420


Eat my disposable contacts when I'm done with them I guess. I don't think it's gross but last time I mentioned it people wigged out.—TheBlueberryPirate


Not me but my friend removes the drain grate and poops in it when he showers.—wiggy2g


I sometimes piss in empty water bottles. I have no clue why.—allmoneyin


Pee exclusively in the sink when I'm at home.—musicalspheres


I have a “punish towel” in my bed side table for late night or early morning cleanups. Wash it every couple weeks or so. It's easier than socks and whatnot—justtwiggy

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