Parents Film A Couple Going At It In The Back Of The Plane, And Twitter Has A Lot Of Feelings About It

Twitter user Kiley Tully (@KileyTully) shared a video sent to her by her parents on Sunday. 24 hours later, it had racked up over 7,500 likes, nearly 4,000 retweets, and hundreds of comments.

In it, Kiley Tully’s parents are on a plane, cracking up, filming a couple two rows behind them going at it, girl-on-top style. At one point in the video, the couple pans the camera to the rest of the airplane, revealing that much of its rear-end (ha ha) is devoid of passengers. The camera settles on the original vantage point again, at what appears to be the moment of, uh, release.

“My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this……..” Tully captioned the video. Twitter was quick to dissect every aspect of this highly important footage — most of all, the excited glint in the eyes of Tully’s mom.

People wondered where the flight attendants were.

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Many were grossed out:

Some applauded the couple for not snitching.

Though many, many others felt as though this was a form of snitching in itself.

Tully’s parents actually ended up catching a lot of heat as comments poured in saying that they should’ve just minded their own business.

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