This Restaurant’s Wing Pricing Is Insane And People Are Doing Math To Try To Figure It Out

When it comes to spending money, everyone is always looking for the “best bang for your buck.” Sure, we’ll splurge on things we truly want, but with food–we want the lowest cost possible. Shoes, on the other hand, we’ll pay full price.

Think about all of the times you go out to eat–don’t you always try to get the combo to save money? No? Just me? Okay. I’m just the type of person who works hard for her money and wants sales, sales, sales. But, sometimes, it takes me a really long time figure out which option is the best option to save money. Recently, I came across a tweet online that left me with my jaw on the floor.

Sean posted this wing menu from a Chinese restaurant–Danny’s Wok–that breaks down their wing prices by how much you order. While the prices vary based on how many wings are in the order, I can’t seem to figure out how they come up with their price/wing correlation.

And, because Twitter is Twitter and everyone has a say–people chimed in to share their thoughts on just how this came to be. There were charts, there were graphs, there were mathematical equations I still cannot fully understand because I am a writer and not a numbers person.

But, the real hero is this person, who broke down the cheapest way to order the amount of wings you truly want.

Sometimes, I am truly thankful for Twitter. Today is that day.