31 Sexy Confessions From People Who Banged A Celebrity

Everyone has a celebrity sex bucket list. If you haven’t written it out on paper, you at least have a list going in your head. Sure, we don’t all have the same interests, so our lists are different.

Some people prefer athletes, musicians, actors or tabloid type celebrities, while others go for authors and politicians. But regardless, you definitely have got a famous person you’d bang the sh*t out of given the chance.

Well, many people out there have gotten it on with celebrities, and aren’t keeping quiet about it. They have told their friends, family, and the internet. And if you’ve done something you’re proud of, why not brag?

The following people either got it on with a celeb, or a friend of theirs shared an epic celeb sex story with them that they just couldn’t keep to themselves. So if you’ve had sex with a celeb, tell the world.. and also tell TFLN (please and thank you).

These 31 people had crazy sexual encounters with celebrities:





Written by Alex Cogen

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