15 Things You Truly Understand If You Sleep Next To Someone Who Snores Like A Rhinoceros Every Night

Moving in with your significant other is a big step in any relationship. We look forward to all the sweet and adorable things we’ll now get to do because we’re sharing a space to come home to every single day. And, while there are super cute things we can do now–like cook dinner together and have late-night movie marathons until 3 A.M.–there are some downfalls of moving in with your SO. Like, hearing them snore endlessly all damn f**king night.
Take it from me–I was so excited to move in with my boyfriend when we were looking for apartments. Sure, we’d had tons of nights together before, but the majority of the time I was at my own place, with the exception of weekends and some weeknights once in a while. Once we moved in together, I never realized how loudpowerful, and obnoxious his snoring was. And, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully sleep again (we’ve been living together for over a year, still can’t sleep through the night).

15. When you realize they’re falling asleep, you brace yourself for the storm that is brewing.

14. You sometimes try and force yourself to fall asleep first, so you won’t have to try and fall asleep with an aggravated baby panda sleeping next to you.

13. You’ve come up with several moves to use when your partner starts snoring.

12. Like, the subtle nudge to wake them, but not fully wake them, but just enough for them to adjust and stop snoring.

11. You get a few minutes of silence and think: ‘wow, this is absolutely amazing to have silence.’

10. But, before you know it, thunder approaches.

9. You get annoyed when it gets too loud, so you scream: ‘SHUT THE F**K UP’ and wake the person up out of a dead sleep.

8. You’ve pulled the “fake sleeping/adjusting to pretend to accidentally hit them so they get the damn hint.”

7. You’ve tried investing in earplugs to sleep through an entire night, but they’re uncomfortable and annoying.

6. And, when you’re trying to watch TV, you need to throw the subtitles on because you literally cannot hear over the animal brewing next to you.

5. When you tell your partner they snore, you’re dumbfounded by their response of “WHAT? I DON’T SNORE AT ALL!!!”

4. You’ve considered sleeping on the couch just so you can get some peace and quiet.

3. You have “gag gifted” snoring aids and nose strips as a *hint hint* for them.

2. You late-night Google how to stop people from snoring without smothering them with a pillow.

1. You have to fight with every fiber of your being not to murder the love of your life in their sleep.