People Can’t Stop Thirsting After The Grinch And We’re Not Sure How To Feel About It

One of the best parts about the holidays is getting cozy around a fire and watching endless amounts of Christmas movies. For many of us, The Grinch is an essential staple in our holiday film list. No, not the new version or the original cartoon—I’m talking the Jim Carrey live-action edition.

Apparently this year, people are coming to terms with their true feelings about the Grinch. And when I say “feelings” I mean pure unadulterated lust. People are straight up thirsty for the Grinch, y’all.

We’re all familiar with the Grinch. This guy ? the one who’s all green and hates anything Christmas-related.

Well, the Twitter community is having some seriously thirsty thoughts about him.

Apparently, his ~thickness~ is something people can’t stop thinking about.


I mean…

Some have even accredited our generation’s dad bod obsession to the Grinch’s physique.

And there have been suggestions for new movie titles.


Some people are just really sick of all the denial.

While others aren’t holding back.

But I think we can all agree that the Grinch has BDE.

And the internet would like to know how ~good~ the green beast would really be.

I guess we’ll just have to leave that to our imaginations…

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