Posted on: May 13 2017

21 Of The Most Embarrassing Sex Stories



When it comes to sex, you always anticipate the best encounter of your life. You never in your wildest dreams would imagine it going poorly, or being one of the most horrific moments that you will never forget.

But, unfortunately, all of us must endure bad sex every once in a while. And honestly, although it doesn’t seem like it at the time, it’s kind of a good thing. You see, that means when you have mind-blowing sex, it’ll be THAT much better, ’cause you can compare it to all those bad times, and be like “thank god that sh*t is over.”

Well, when it comes to bad sex, ideally boring is the best option (if you HAD to choose). What you don’t want? Pain, embarrassment, tears, and the like.

So if you’ve lived through a ridiculously embarrassing sexual encounter, then more power to you. But how do you forget one of the worst moments of your life? Forget-me-nows won’t help, so the best we can hope for is that one day the story will turn from cringe-worthy to funny. Here’s hoping!

These 21 people had the most embarrassing things happen during sex: