Posted on: Sep 01 2017

25 Signs You’re Actually Unattractive



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

No one likes to feel unattractive. It happens to everyone, but some more than others. A lot of the time you feel unattractive because of your own doing. You look in a mirror one day and you find something about yourself that you don’t quite like. So you beat yourself up about it. Don’t they say we’re our own worst critic?

Well, people are horrible critics as well. And, honestly, I think that phrase is BS. It hurts more when people insult me than when I insult myself. And a lot of the time other people’s opinions of you affect how you see yourself. It’s sad, but it’s true.

So if people find you unattractive, and make it pretty clear they feel that way, both through actions and words, then you’re going to think you’re ugly. AND YOU’RE NOT. Everyone has different perceptions of beauty, and just because you don’t fit that cookie cutter mold, doesn’t mean you’re not as beautiful as those boring-ass clones.

So if any of these 25 signs that you’re “ugly” hits a little too close to home, put your middle fingers up and be like “f*ck you people of the internet, because I’m beautiful.”

These 25 signs might mean you’re unattractive (to some people):


I uploaded a bowl of noodles to my Tinder profile and tinder’s algorithm determined it to be my best picture.


When people say you look like someone famous. And that famous person is not attractive. Two of the worst I got were Meatloaf, which ain’t bad, the dude rocks, and Corey from Pawn Stars, which made me re evaluate my life.


When the only person who has ever called you handsome is a stripper.


I used to work with adults with intellectual disorders… now there is a population that keeps it real. One time one of my program participants looked at my face in full sunlight, smiled sympathetically and touched my arm and said “you should wear makeup, ya know, to be pretty”


One time in high school, these guys came up to me and a group of my friends of 5 girls. They asked us to introduce ourselves, and we started. Once he got to the girl beside me with two of us left to introduce, a guy said “y’all can stop here, we only need their names.” Shattered my self-confidence.