Posted on: Aug 11 2017

These 27 Small Things Can Tell You A Lot About A Person


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There are little things a person does that end up revealing huge things about their personality. Does this person discreetly pick up random trash that others have carelessly left behind? They probably call their parents weekly and give good head. Did that person just get totally schooled by someone at their own hobby? Did they take it in stride and seem genuinely interested and impressed, or did they sulk and roll their eyes because they got knocked from their mighty throne?

To be inquisitive of the way people react to situations and people is a skill that’s hard to master. But once you do, it’s like you can maneuver through the bullsh*t with the simplest of ease. You start dating someone new and he takes you out for dinner one night. Everything seems to be going smoothly up until the check. He tips 10% on great service. Run, b*tch, run! The way a person treats and tips waitstaff is always a tipoff in how considerate they treat other people, especially you. You know this bro isn’t eating you out and making you come on 10% tipping, amirite?!

So take note the next time things don’t go as planned at work. Which one of your coworkers freaks the f*ck out and starts running around like a crazy person? Which one takes control and gets the job done? And who couldn’t give less of a f*ck and is chilling in the break room eating leftover Chinese and Snapchatting their mom? When you know how to get around people’s idiosyncrasies, you can use that sh*t to your advantage.

These 27 small things about a person can give you a peak into who someone really is:


How they respond to a question they don’t know the answer to. I have a friend who will always answer a bit too confidently no matter what, and if another person presents their correct answer she will debate no matter what. It’s tiring to hear, especially when you know she’s wrong. But arguing seems pointless so most of the time we just drop the subject altogether.


What they do at 4-way stop signs.


How they react when met with a person who is more skilled at one of their hobbies than them. Do they encourage the person and gather inspiration from them? Or do they dismiss the person’s talent while instead appearing threatened?


How they act when things don’t go as planned.


Their ability to admit a mistake.


How they treat those who can do NOTHING for them.