19 Epic Gay Bar Stories, As Told By Their Employees

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It takes a certain kind of person that enjoys working at a bar but a gay bar ups the ante in drugs, sex, booze, and most of all, debauchery. I’ve frequented gay bars back in the day and boy, let me tell ya, the partying does not stop once it’s been going on. It can be a total sh*tshow and that’s the way it should be.

There’s plenty of drugs in bathroom stalls and countless hooking up on and off the dance floor. It’s kind of insane to watch the dynamics go down while out at a gay bar on a Saturday night. Most of us aren’t there for people watching, though. We’re there to get f*cked up with friends and dance to the best dance music playlist that’ll probably include Madonna and Robyn.

Those that do get to people watch are the employees – bartenders, go go dancers (yes, that’s still a wonderful, wonderful thing in gay bars), bathroom attendants, and door guys all get to witness the glorious shenanigans. After a weekend of working, these employees acquire a plethora of absurd stories to tell. Do yourself a favor, before you get wasted next time you find yourself at a gay bar, ask the bartender for the wildest story they have in their arsenal – I’m sure they won’t be able to pick just one to share.

These 19 epic gay bar stories are unforgettable:


When I was a young barback in a sleazy bar, I was going around the bar shirtless, picking up glasses and realized that I had become the center of all eyes. I preened a little bit, flexed; then turned around to see two guys behind me going at it. One blowing the other, who was standing at the stair rail. I was just blocking the view.


I was at The Eagle SF. There was a big guy, maybe 500 pounds, blowing a tall sexy man with a very long c*ck. He was trying to deep throat it and triggered his gag reflex… hard. He threw up on the guy’s d*ck, then wiped it off a little.. spit on it and turned around so the guy could just f*ck him. That was when I had to stop watching.


I’m a bar back and I do bareback my bf. I have caught people doing blow on the back dance floor before it was open. I asked if they were part of the show and they said no. I told them they had to leave. And they were like OK just one sec and then the guy with his back to me leaned over the table and took a line. They were 86’d.


There was a time when I found a guy asleep sitting on the urinal. It was so funny because he looked so peaceful. Like it was the most comfortable spot on earth. I hate myself for not taking a picture.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

Irvi Torremoro is an Austinite by way of Las Vegas. She's worked in various outlets in food & beverage and is now focused on writing, eating all the things, talking about Beyonce, and petting all the puppies. She runs, a lifestyle blog about people in the service industry.