21 Most Embarrassing Moments Parents Found Out Their Kids Were Having Sex

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As if the “birds and the bees” talk wasn’t awkward enough, the moment parents find out their kids are having sex is even more awkward AF. No one wants to admit to mom and dad that they’ve started having sex. So, the sneaking around starts, followed by all the creative ways to hide and get ride of condoms, and the elaborate lies pile up.

Eventually that’ll wear thin and your parents are smarter than you think. I know it sounds stupid but they’ve been in the same boat you’re in and know exactly how it is. So, may as well bite the bullet when they ask if you’ve been having sex with your significant other or risk the humiliation that comes with them catching you.

It’s awkward for everyone involved once parents catch their kids doing the dirty. What’s the best way to deal with the situation? All parents are different – some may walk away and never speak about it while others will straight up have a talk with you while you boyfriend possibly still has a condom on his junk. Know that we’ve all been there and we’re here for you once the red in your face goes away.

These 21 moments are so embarrassing, for all parties involved:


My father came downstairs to get an ice cream sandwich from the basement freezer. My SO was riding me fast and hard on the sofa in the next room. She froze, Dad just waved and saluted. Got his ice cream and never said a word to anyone when he went back upstairs.


My ex didn’t put her underwear back on one night cus they were soaked from foreplay. We were making out in the kitchen at some point later that night and she left them on the counter. The next morning, my dad and I got up to watch English soccer, and my mom went to make breakfast. She came into the living room holding my ex’s underwear and asked “Are these yours?” My dad actually fell off the couch from laughing so hard. I tried to play it off…but there was no recovery really available.


My girlfriend has a guest house that we usually use to “watch movies” when I go over to her house. I’ve been flushing my used condoms and thinking nothing of it for a couple months. I didn’t think it was the best idea, but I didn’t want to risk her parents finding condoms in the trash. Just recently, sewage (a cocktail of actual poop and pee) started overflowing through the kitchen sink. The plumber that discovered the problem actually brought the wad of condoms in hand to my girlfriend’s mom. Miraculously, her mom found it hilarious, but her dad’s face turned blood red the second he saw what was turning his kitchen into a septic tank. I still haven’t been able to look him in the eyes since – it was the first time he realized that I was having sex with his daughter.


16 years old, first “serious” girlfriend. The two of us had just explained to her mom that we weren’t having sex, and we were totally lying. Not even half an hour later, her mom asks her to bring her a bag of chips that we had in her room, and we failed to notice that one of our used condoms was stuck to the bag. Can’t really talk your way out of that one..

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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