19 Products That Will Take You Back to the 90s

Image via Fanpop
Image via Fanpop

If you were born in the 90s, or at least lived through the 90s, you know how epic of a decade it was. From the neon to the crazy new gadgets, the 90s were all about fun. I mean, the 90s gave us incredible cartoons, dope boy bands in matching clothes, and fanny packs.

It was a glorious time, but unfortunately, everything eventually ends. We were ushered into an era of Juicy Couture, Tiffany’s heart necklaces, and MySpace. I mean, I was all about those 2000s, but nothing beats the 90s. That could explain why there has been such a resurgence of 90s culture the past couple years.

Once again, chokers, Tomagachi, and fanny packs are back in style, and we couldn’t be more happy about it. So now you can get those butterfly clips you loved so much, and sit your but down on your favorite blow up chair, because all that sh*t is available again! It’s a great time to be alive my friends!

So in honor of this 90s resurgence, I’ve decided to test out some items that were popular in my youth, and see if they’re still all they’re cracked up to be. From slap bracelets to Bop Its, I decided to travel back in time to when all I worried about was having the best Pokemon card collection.

So prepare to have your mind blown with so must nostalgia that you may cry. Also, some of these things didn’t necessarily start in the 90s, and some gained their height of popularity in the early 2000s, so get off mah back, ’cause I still consider them 90s shizzz and they nostalgic AF.

Everyone needs these 19 throwback 90s items:

1. Printed Snap Bracelets

Ahhh, snap bracelets. How could anyone ever forget these? An accessory and game all in one. They were super stylish in the 90s, and just oh so fun. Remember all the colors and fabrics they came in? There was velvet and metallic and animal print and just so many options.

I would go ham back in the day and rock a bunch at once, thinking I was the And at last, they are back in my life, and they are exactly as I remembered them! They take me on that nostalgia high, and I’m loving every minute of it. And this set is the best! Who doesn’t like options?

Just remember, they are not weapons. Nothing sucked more than people hitting their snap bracelets on other people’s wrists. We’re adults now guys, chill with that sh*t (JK ima mess some wrists up).

Get yours here.

2. Tamagotchi

Yes, you read this right.. THEY STILL MAKE TAMAGOTCHIS. I know, that was my reaction too. Who could forget Tamagotchis? They were everywhere in the 90s. Were you even cool if you didn’t have one?

And not only do they still sell old school versions out there in the world, but mini versions were just re-released. LIKE WUT. Seriously, it’s just such a kind service to the new gen, because they have been deprived of these lil guys for far too long. YOU’RE WELCOME, KIDS.

So yes, I bought one of these, and I loves it. I keep this little dude on my key-chain, and it just makes me feel really cool and young and hit.

Get yours here.

3. Inflatable Blow Up Chair

I had a pretty sweet bedroom back in the day. It was decked out and all blue, with tie-dye sheets, a blue lava lamp, a blue beaded curtain at my door, and…. THIS EXACT BLUE BLOW UP CHAIR. Seriously, seeing that they still make these brought me back. Dang, I miss that bedroom decor.

And now I have this chair once again in my life, and I couldn’t be more happy. It’s just so dang cool and nostalgic! Instead of leaving it blown up all the time, I like to bring it out for additional seating when I have people over and just blow it up when it’s needed. People are always like “WTF OMG I USED TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE” and I’m all go get one playa.

Get yours here.

4. Flip Up Neon Glasses

Looking for some sweet new shades? Well, why don’t you just look to your past for inspo? Get these flip up neon glasses! Seriously, name sunglasses that are cooler, I dare you.

Alright, alright, so these don’t replace your everyday sunnies. They aren’t great for actually blocking the sun, but they look hella cool, and I feel like a bad mama jama in mine. And then when I actually need to look at people, I lift up the first layer and I’m all like “…sup?” Yeah, I know, I’m a bad a**.

Get yours here.

5. Feather Pens

Do these feather pens not remind you of Cher from Clueless or what?! These have always made me think of her, especially when I see them in pink. I used to love rocking crazy pens back in the day. Why have boring old black or blue pens when you can have crazy colors and shapes? No seriously, I’m really asking.

But these ones bump up the glitter to a whole other level and I’m SO into it. If you’re going to have a colorful feather pen, why not go all out, right? Although I type a lot more than I write, I am finding more and more excuses to write, just so I can use these pens.

So let’s just say, if you don’t buy these pens, you’re, like, totally buggin’. Sorry if that was way harsh, Tai.

Get yours here.

6. Tattoo Choker Set

Chokers have been back in style for a couple years now. Although all chokers are pretty 90s, there is no choker more 90s than the tattoo choker. They were a staple of the 90s, and there was such a variety. In most of my childhood photos I can be seen rocking these bad boys. I pretty much exclusively wore the rainbow ones or plain black. Yeah, I was cool AF.

And now, I’m back at it again. And what better way to get back into tattoo chokers than to buy a set? You’ve got one for every mood! Plain black when you’re feeling a little goth, rainbow when you’re feeling extra fun, and beads for every occasion! I definitely have been rocking the beaded ones a lot, and I get compliments ALL. THE. TIME.

Get yours here.

7. Swirl Gel Pens

MILKY PENS. Seriously, these were my sh*t back in the day. I used to have those black paper notebooks and you’d draw on them with your Milky Pens and they’d look dope AF.

Alright so yeah, these aren’t “Milky Pens” cause I don’t think that brand even makes these guys anymore. But they are still dope gel pens, and they have swirls of color like they did back in the day. As I said for the feather pens, these have definitely motivated me to write more, and I love it!

Get yours here.

8. Sticker Earrings

Funny enough, I wasn’t that into these back in the day. I didn’t go ham on the stickers and focused more on the hair accessories and chokers. But obviously I owned these sticker earrings, and rocked them every now and then.

But now… now it’s a whole different story. I wear these all the damn time. My ears get mad infected when I wear earrings, and clip ons hurt like hell, so these are my go to. Sure, they make me look juvenile, but I’m into it SO BACK OFF. Seriously, I love these so much. It comes with so many, and I don’t only use them as earrings, but sometimes near my eyes for a little extra bling. Never hurts to have a little fun with nostalgic accessories.

Get yours here.

9. White Tiger Beanie Baby

If you didn’t have beanie babies back in the day, then you were an enigma. They were everywhere. People had insane collections, and tubs full of them. And now some of the old ones are worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Makes me wish I kept all mine, but like most people, I got rid of them as I grew older.

Well now, I have this guy right here, and I gotta say it’s hella cute. Sure, it has no real use. It’s too small to snuggle, and doesn’t make a good dog toy. But, hell, it looks nice displayed in my room, and constantly reminds me that things come back in style, and you should always save things that could be worth something one day.

Get yours here.

10. GAK Super Stretch Goo

We all watched Nickelodeon back in the day. It was the sh*t, and had some of the best cartoons of all time. From Rugrats to Hey Arnold to Rocket Power, Nick was just the tits. And who could forget slime? I lived for watching celebrities get slimed, it was my jam.

And I remember when Nick released GAK, the super stretchy, slime-like substance. It was just so fun to play with! Well, I gotta say, it’s still pretty dang fun. I started keeping it at my desk to use as a stress-ball type device, and it’s just awesome. It’s fun to keep your hands busy and just play with some goop, ya know?

Get yours here.

11. Baby G Watch

BABY G WHAT IT B! These watches were just the sh*t and everyone was obsessed with them in the 90s. Seriously, who were you if you didn’t have a Baby G? Definitely not a cool kid, I can tell you that much.

And they’re just as cute as ever. People always compliment my watch, and are like “I used to have one of those!” And I’m all like “Yeah so did everyone, loser.” This is the best watch not only because it’s cute AF, but because telling time is boring and the numbers are just right there are easy to read. Yes, I am an adult… shut up.

Get yours here.

12. Mini Troll Dolls

So as a child in the 90s, when you thought of trolls, all you thought of were these dolls, and that movie A Troll In Central Park. Sure, that movie sucked, but it made an impression. But as an adult when I hear troll, I think of Always Sunny In Philadelphia and the troll toll.

Well, I’m trying to get back to my roots, so I got these mini trolls, and they cute AF, yet still a little weird. Just like me! So what did I do with these little dudes? I put them in my car! I got some strong tape and put those bad boys on my dashboard, and they just look so freaking cute.

Get yours here.

13. Moon Shoes

Of all the things on this list, I’d consider these moon shoes most useless, yet the most fun. Don’t you remember these? God, they were a good time! And they still are. You know why? Alcohol.

Sure, I probably shouldn’t tell you that I play racing drinking games in these, and I shouldn’t encourage you to do that because let’s face it, it’s not the safest game ever. But f*ck it, it’s so ridiculously fun, it’d be a crime not to tell the general public about this amazing game. So get two sets of moon shoes and have a relay race drinking game. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Get yours here.

14. All That Hat

Who didn’t watch All That? It was one of the absolute best shows of the 90s, as was the Amanda Show, obvi. So what better way to pay tribute to one of the greatest shows EVER than by wearing a baseball cap with their name on it?

This All That hat probably gets me the most compliments out of everything on this list. It is definitely a statement that says “Hey, I like All That.” I love all things denim, so the fact that it’s a denim hat makes it the absolute best in my book. I will be wearing this hat for a very very long time.

Get yours here.

15. Bop It

I haven’t seen a Bop It in years. Seriously, what happen to Bop Its? They used to be at everyone’s houses, and were so much fun! Sure, they’re a bit anxiety inducing, but it’s all in the name of fun!

And it still is. This game is exactly as I remember it, and I’d say even more fun as an adult when booze is involved. But then again, isn’t everything more fun with alcohol? And the die-hard Gilmore Girl fan in me just loves to say “I think we need to break out the Bop It.” Just be careful where you store it, ’cause nothing is scarier than suddenly hearing that thing go off.

Get yours here.

16. Furby

Aw, Furby! You’re so cute! Seriously those little dudes are just so adorable. I used to be obsessed with furbies. Their sleepy little eyes, furry bods, and little mouths are just so cute. As an adult, it bothers me trying to figure out wtf animal these are modeled after. Is it a bird? A rodent? A half n half?

Although the question of “what is a Furby” continues to baffle me, I can’t help still loving this lil f*cker. Mine sits proudly in my room, and I love her as if she were my own child.

Get yours here.

17. Lisa Frank Notebook Bundle

If you liked Lisa Frank back in the day.. then you REALLY liked Lisa Frank. It was impossible to get one thing and be done with it. People were insanely obsessed, possessing Lisa Frank everything, from bedding to clothes to school supplies.

Well these Lisa Frank notebooks will take you back to those obsessive days. Now I may have never been as obsessed as most, but dang if I don’t love these notebooks. They are lined and perfect for journaling, writing grocery lists, and just pretending you’re 13 again and writing in your Lisa Frank diary.

Get yours here.

18. Butterfly Clips

If these butterfly hair clips don’t instantly remind you of those crazy 90s-early 2000s hair styles, then you are cray. More specifically, if they don’t remind you of Lizzie McGuire, then you are seriously a disappointment to your generation.

Now I may not go Lizzie McGuire hard with these little guys, but I am definitely throwing back a couple strands and feeling like a 90s queen. I love all the pastel colors, they make me feel like a pretty pre-teen again. So catch me outside rocking these bad boys and enjoying my quarter life crisis.

Get yours here.

19. Hey Arnold Plush Figure

MOVE IT FOOTBALL HEAD. Doesn’t this Hey Arnold doll just make you all warm and happy inside? Agh, it’s just amazing. I was a tad Hey Arnold obsessed back in the day, and this is definitely bringing that back.

I love having this doll. Although I keep it on my bed, part of me wants to set it up in a closet shrine just like mah gurl Helga.

Not feeling the Arnold one? They have other iconic Nickelodeon options available, such as Rocko from Rockos Modern Life, Krumm from Arg Real Monsters, Catdog, and more.

Get yours here.

Written by Alex Cogen

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