Terrible Human Tries To Roast The Engagement Ring She Found In Her BF’s Nightstand

Are you keeping a list of Vile Things You Never Knew Existed Until Just Now? If so, I’ve got the ideal addition to your depressing catalog. (If not, then…uh…good for you, that’s probably a better way to live life.)

They’re called Ring Shaming Facebook groups, and, as the name suggests, they are communities in which (terrible) women lambast engagement rings they deem subpar. Clearly, these heaux have never seen A Star Is Born.

Late last week, one such (terrible) woman posted a picture of a ring she hadn’t even been offered yet to one such Facebook group.

“Ewwwww,” she wrote (five w’s!). “Self shame Friday here I come.” She then wrote how she’d “found this in the BF’s nightstand,” how she is “not a fan,” and encouraged other group members to “please roast and then tell me how to tactfully say ‘no you need to go get something different.'”


There is obviously so much wrong with everything about this that it’s difficult to know where to start (the french tips). It’s one thing to go snooping through your SO’s dresser (rookie hiding spot), but to then roast his ring choice to a bunch of Internet randos? Unforgivable.

The good citizens of Reddit said what the rest of us were thinking.

Mainly, dump her!!!


Some pointed out that there were more tactful ways of telling your loved one you aren’t particularly fond of their taste in jewelry.

For the sake of everyone involved, we hope this cursed image meanders its way right back to french-tips’ poor boyfriend before he can pop the question in a way she despises. If not, she’ll undoubtedly transform into one of the many world-devouring bridezillas we’ve been known to shamelessly blast.