Breastfeeding Mom’s Husband Asked Why She’s So Cranky In The Morning. Her Response Went Viral.

Mattea Goff, wife to Kris, and mother of five-year-old Seleste and five-month-old Aurora, was recently asked by her husband why she was so cranky and tired in the mornings.

The breastfeeding mom decided to explain what her nights are like, every night, it the plainest of terms: stick figure drawings. Her informative artwork resonated with so many moms, it quickly went viral, garnering over 154,000 reactions, 200,000 shares, and over 61,000 comments on Facebook.

“So this past weekend I was having a hard time finding the words (probably because I haven't had any sleep) to express to Kris why I'm not in the best of moods first thing in the morning,” wrote Goff two weeks ago. “So I sat down with my coffee and drew him a visual.”

The first image in the story begins as it so often does for new moms: A crying baby.

Mattea Goff

The second one depicts the struggles of a slap-happy and definitely not tired baby.

Mattea Goff

Really, it just gets funnier and funnier from there.

Mattea Goff


Mattea Goff

Finally ending with a depiction of her husband, waking up fully rested with his useless nipples, wondering why his wife is so tired.

Mattea Goff

Many of the comments on Goff's enlightening cartoon came from new moms who related to all of the struggles drawn.


“I think these drawings really resonate with moms because the exhaustion is hard to explain to someone who hasn't lived it,” Goff told BuzzFeed. “But when you're able to create a visual with pictures, it's something that's easy to share when you don't have the words.”

She also hopes her illustrations prompt the “useless nipples” out there to show some compassion and support for their nursing partners.

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