Everyone Go Home Because These 26 People Already Won Halloween

Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, meaning we have two weekends and the day itself to try to flex on everyone by coming up with the raddest costume imaginable. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but these 26 folks already flexed past the point of no return:

26. Cynthia from Rugrats:

25. Bob Ross and painting:

24. Leslie Knope…when she is recalled from the Pawnee City council:

23. Cleopatra and Caesar:

22. White Chicks:

21. Fine, not technically a ‘person,’ but an objectively perfect mailman nonetheless:

20. BB SZA (!):

19. Cheetah Girls:

18. The Notorious RBG (as in, Ruth Bader Ginsburg):


17. Lara Jean Croft:

16. Mariah Carey and P.Diddy:

15. Wynonna Earp:

14. Vanessa Bloome and the bee from Bee Movie:

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