15 People Who Should Be Teaching Classes On How To Halloween Correctly

It’s not a secret that Halloween is a favorite holiday of many. The ability to dress up and party, while simultaneously scoring candy makes it a holiday that give two thumbs way up. In addition to the partying, the dressing up, and the gorging on candy–everything is spooky and fall-like. What is better than ghosts stories and scary movies?

I’ll tell you–nothing. There are, however, people out there who stan Halloween more so than others and because of this are experts at being downright spooky and weird. And, for that, we truly thank them. If you’re unsure how to “Halloween” the right way–relax and take some notes from these pros.

15. This girlfriend who came up with the best/worst date ever.

14. This hybrid costume from Lara Croft and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before–winning.

13. This S.O who surprised their partner with a spooky car for this spooky season.

12. This brilliant mastermind who found the sexiest Halloween costume on the market.

11. This girl who spent $40 to scare virtually everyone she knows.

10. A mother who deserves all the praise in the world for this genius costume.

9. Four friends who can thank a sister who thinks outside the box.

8. Or, this sister who knows doggos deserve a spooky celebration, too.

7. A college student who gets an A+ for following the rules.

6. A mother who plans ahead–a whole year ahead.