These 29 People Admit Dark Secrets While Drunk

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One of the worst ways to spill a secret is when you’re drunk. Believe me, I know. I had an ex-boyfriend that started off as long distance until I moved to the same city (for him, yeah I know, bad move) but before I made the move, he made the mistake of getting belligerently drunk at a house party. He then proceeded to tell a girl that was in the same circle of friends that he was cheating on me, with his best female friend.

Yeah, that f*cking happened. I didn’t know about it until a week after I moved. The girl that he confessed all his dirty laundry ended up becoming one of my really good friends, so naturally she had told a friend of ours what had happened. And I f*cking flipped my sh*t. I proceeded to go off on said sh*tty boyfriend and his even sh*ttier best friend (who I happened to buy a Christmas present for months earlier, thinking we’d be good friends, too) and turned a night out into a pretty dramatic scene.

So yeah, that idiot learned not to spill the beans anymore, especially when drunk. Some of the worst confessions happen while inebriated and it makes sense. Everything is no holds barred, your inhibitions leave, and you think that you can say everything that comes to mind. Wrong. Think before you start spewing out sh*t you don’t want to come back around to you, dude.

These 29 people regretfully admitted secrets while drunk:


At my wedding reception, the best man’s wife got drunk enough to confess to me that she was in love with my (brand-new) husband and had been for years but “the time was never right” for them to be together. She rambled on about maybe someday they would both be single at the same time…(!)


One of my best friends growing up recently confessed in a drunken haze to me that his dad had molested him and his brother for 4 years. It didn’t stop until his uncle caught his dad in the act and almost beat him to death. His uncle’s brief prison stay was always a mystery before that


My old high school boyfriend that I hadn’t seen for three years but still cared for, appeared at my door two nights before his wedding and told me he still loved me and was only marrying his fiancee to please her, her parents, and his parents. He said he felt trapped and put his arms around me and started sobbing with his head on my shoulder. We talked awhile and he sobered up a bit. He married the girl and they had a child but he died of testicular cancer at age 25.


“…and the worst thing is I’m black, but I got a small dick…” My buddy told me that in 10th grade and I’ve never forgotten it.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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