25 People Reveal The Last Straw That Finally Made Them Go, ‘Yep, That Person Is Definitely Crazy’

Have you ever been involved in an incredibly toxic relationship? If so, then you'll recognize how it becomes increasingly difficult to realize how toxic a person is the longer they are in your life. Before you know it, crazy is the new normal, and it takes something really really drastic to finally make you go, “oh wait…that person is actually crazy.”

Of course, this doesn't just apply to a significant other. It could be a friend, a roommate, a parent, family member, coworker, or even a complete stranger. Redditor u/waltermittyslife recently posed the following question on AskReddit: “What's the last straw that made you go, ‘yep, that person is definitely crazy?'”

The responses were…interesting, to say the least.


“My ex calling the cops on me because she thought I was trying to ‘poison' her. I bought salted butter instead of unsalted.”



“Months after going on a single date with a woman, she calls me on Christmas eve while I'm at work to introduce me to her family over the phone as her boyfriend.

The one date we had was dinner at a restaurant (she didn't order anything just kept eating my fries) and then watching tv back at her place. Nothing physical happened and the date ended with a handshake.

When I responded that we were not a couple, she started freaking out and crying about how horrible I was for breaking up with her on Christmas eve.”



*Talking to a girl I didn't know that well*

Her: Oh I'm an only child

Me: Really? I could never imagine being an only child, what's that like?

Her: It gets lonely sometimes but you get used to it, y'know?

*Fast forward a few minutes*

Me: I really like your bracelet

Her: Thanks, my sister gave it to me

In my head: Oookay, something doesn't add up, so I decide to ask her

Me: Oh, really? I thought you were an only child

Her: No way! I have 7 siblings lol

Yep, compulsive liar and definitely crazy



Ex-girlfriend legally changed her surname to mine through deed poll after 1.5 years relationship.



“My flatmates ex got drunk and mad at him for reasons unknown. She vomited into a bucket, then stared him in the eye and tipped it all over our lounge floor. Then she tried to throw pizza she chewed up and spat into her hand, missed him and hit someone else.

Then put her hand through our window (as in she literally broke the window by shoving her arm through it) and smeared the blood all over the walls and floor, all the while saying pathetic stuff about him.

This was all in the space of about an hour, at 11am. The relationship didn’t last long after that (she continued to blackmail him after they broke up.).

Definitely had some issues I think.”



It wasn't a last straw but definitely one of them. My ex friend sent me a link to some kind of necrophilia website. I was 12 at the time. I don't know if it was real or fake, but there was a person killing women and then having his way with the bodies. He thought this was normal and tried to discuss it. My 12yo mind wasn't ready for it.



“There was some girl I met during my teenage years. We chatted for like 30 seconds and exchanged phone numbers. Never met after that, only texted. And we did that back and forth for a few months and then I went to college.

Then she finally drops ‘I love you' to me. Obviously, I feel weird about the whole situation because we've only exchanged like 20-30 texts and all of it was small talk. I don't know how to respond to that.

The next text a few hours later was ‘MrBretten, I'm pregnant'… What? At that point my red flag detector is going off. So I try to cut off the relationship by texting ‘Okay' and ghosting.

A minute later: ‘I think it's yours, and if you don't come back to take care of me, I'm going to kill myself'. I deleted EVERYTHING after that.

I still wonder to this day if she was legit crazy, or if she got me confused with someone she actually slept with.”



“When my druggie college roommate tried to piss off the girls living in the dorm room next to us by banging his head on the wall constantly to piss them off with the noise. I still don't even know why he hated them, he just did.”



“A man came in to the bar I work at, he's a semi-regular and is quite energetic but harmless. Everything was as normal, he drank his small Sauvignon Blanc and left. This is where it gets weird, he came back in a couple of hours later and I asked him if he'd like the same wine he had last time.

He stared at me, dead eyed and completely silent for maybe 30 seconds, before laughing. He went on to tell me that I must be confusing him for his twin brother, and that infact his brother was from earth but he is from another planet, and there couldn't possibly be anything suitable for him to drink in our bar because his digestive system is completely different from ours.

This went on for a while, he eventually left and came back in an hour or so later, had a glass of wine, and left again. He's perfectly nice and respectful so isn't a problem and there's a whole community of people looking out for him, but he's definitely crazy.”



“I knew before hand but when my sons mom sent a text message to me threatening to kill my son while he was with her. I now have full custody.”



“When she literally tried to break my wrist at a party for not high fiving her. Alcohol is like a steroid for crazy. Wrist hurts just thinking about it, I think she did Jiu Jitsu or something because damn. Ow.”



“When he told me he's a werewolf”



“I was on a date with this guy, he acted rude towards the waiter, the entire restaurant, and was only interested in sex. The thing that made me say that he was crazy was when he brought up the fact that he enjoyed staring at dead bodies because it aroused him. What's even worse is that he worked at a morgue.”


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