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    14 Struggles That Are Way Too Real When You’re Hangry AF

    We all know the feeling. Come 4 p.m, when lunch is but a memory, and dinner seems so close, yet so extremely far away, it hits you. It’s that potent combination of hunger and inexplicable rage – hangriness. And it makes monsters of us all. Here are the 14 things that happen when it’s that time […] More

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    15 Of The Silliest Reasons People Have Ever Gotten Fired

    Getting booted from a job is tough. You have to say goodbye to work friends, your ego and your bank account will both take a hit, and worst of all, you’ll have to brush up on your interviewing skills. Oh, and it’s safe to say that you won’t be getting a glowing reference. But sometimes, there’s […] More

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    43 ‘How I Got Fired’ Stories That Were SO Worth It

    Whether you just started a new gig, or you’ve been slaving away in the same cubicle for years now, most of us can agree on one thing: job security is a thing of the past. You could get axed on your birthday, or for no reason. Your boss could let you go for being sick, […] More

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    18 Reasons Living Alone Is Better Than Sex

    Let’s be honest: cohabitation is overrated. Who needs roommates? Sure, they lower your rent. But at what cost? They’re loud, they eat all of your food, and more often than not, they’re batshit crazy.  If you ask us, there’s no contest. Living alone is SO the way to go. Here are 18 reasons you’re better off […] More

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    15 Epic Tanning Fails That Prove Some People Should Just Stay Indoors

    Ah, summer – it’s the perfect time for cheap beer and barbecues, sleeping in, and tanning by the pool. It’s also prime burning time if you spend a little too much time doing that last thing. (It’d be great if someone invented something… to protect your skin… from the sun… like, maybe sunscreen?) Jokes aside, […] More

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    16 Shirts Your Grandma Will Never Understand

    Visiting family can be tough. From political conversations at the dinner table to misunderstood jokes in the car, it can get heated (or hilarious) quickly. Especially if you’ve got offensive grandparents with zero time for your sense of humor, the things you’re into and the “gah-dang millennial Internet mumbo-jumbo” you love. Cheers to family and […] More

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    15 Low-Budget Life Hacks That Are Honestly Just Gross

    B We’ve all tried out life hacks at one point or another. In principle, they’re a great way to save time and money and get shit done. There’s just one problem – in an overzealous effort to repurpose old crap, some people have taken the whole ‘recycling’ thing a little too far. Because when you’ve replaced your bicycles’ […] More

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    22 People Who Are Shamelessly Pumped For Pumpkin Spice Season

    It is officially pumpkin spice season. From lattes and candles, to vodka and…condoms? You name it. It’s all pumpkin flavored. White girls love it openly and everyone else loves it in the privacy of their own homes. The leaves are beginning to change and the start of football season brings a whole new reason to […] More

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    These 41 People Definitely Regret Visiting Their Barber

    Bad haircuts. We’ve all had ’em. And crying about it? That’s practically a rite of passage. Knowing that, it can be hard to understand why anyone would dare to switch things up. Sure, you’re reinventing yourself… but at what cost? Maybe these people thought they were making a statement – or maybe they just got […] More

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