21 People Share The Most Cringeworthy Texts They’ve Sent While Drunk

Sending drunk texts has become somewhat of an art since the advent of modern-day texting. I mean, it’s never been easier to proclaim your drunken lust for someone with an eggplant emoji and side eye. But sometimes, our drunken technological endeavors turn out horribly wrong.

We’ve all accidentally sent a text to someone who it wasn’t meant for. It’s especially awkward when that text is a recounting of your girlfriend’s amazing blow job that she gave you earlier that now sits on your mother’s phone in shame and disgust. There’s just not a lot you can do to come back from that, bro.

So whether you texted your boss at 4:32 a.m., pissed drunk, telling him that you want to impregnate him, or when you sloppily declared how horny were to grandma — there’s nothing like waking up in the morning, head pounding, and realizing the sh*t storm that you and your iPhone have caused.

These are 21 of the worst drunk texts that people have sent:


Ate 3 boxes of peeps on Easter and took the nastiest shit. Tried texting a pic to my group of guy friends but instead sent it to the girl I had been dating for 3 weeks. 2 years later she still brings it up.


“Alright, well I won’t be in. Consider this my resignation.” Sent to my boss (of the job I absolutely love) two days ago. Some-fucking-how, I got my job back.


My dick is yearning to break out of its denim prison.


I once spent a long drunk night declaring my undying love via text message to my friend Marcus, who was alphabetically right next to my girlfriend Molly in my contacts list. I just remember getting really angry and confused that she was acting all weird and sending messages like “dude, you know this is Marcus right?”


Told my boss I’m not going to work the next day because I’m piss drunk with his daughter.

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