19 Of The Punniest Halloween Costumes Of 2018 So Far

Halloweekend Part One has come and gone, which means we’ve got the holiday itself, plus Halloweekend Part Two, to look forward to. Though to be quite honest, it’ll be difficult to top the current top contenders.

Already we’ve witnessed an eerily realistic Cynthia doll and Mariah Carey/Diddy duo. Already, celebrities such as Joe Jonas and Rita Ora have stunted on the rest of the costume-participating world with their A+ renditions of Sansa Stark and Post Malone, respectively. And already the following 19 geniuses have sartorially out-punned the rest of us:

19. Lara Jean Croft:

18. Thotnos:

17. Cleopatra and ‘Caesar’:

16. Come On Eileen:

15. Death To Democracy:

14. David Buoy:

13. French Kiss:

12. Stormy/Stormi:

11. Reverse Cowgirl:

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