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    We Know Which Dumb Mistake You Love To Make, Based On Your Favorite Drink

    It’s hard to imagine your best nights out without alcohol. Vodka soda gave you the confidence to chat up that sexy stranger – and things just happen when rum and coke is around. Plus, you’re pretty sure you never would’ve learned to dance like that without tequila. But booze can be a fickle friend. Not only will […] More

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    These 19 Texts Prove Tinder Is Where Bad Pickup Lines Go To Die

    Ah, Tinder. To know it is to have a serious love/hate relationship with it. (Partly because that’s just about the only serious relationship you’re going to get into because of Tinder). It calls itself a dating app – or at least a hookup app. But if the interwebs are to be believed,  in reality, Tinder is more […] More

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    16 Things You Should Do Before You’re 30

    Just when, exactly, do you become an adult? Legally, you’re considered independent at 18, when you’re out of your parents’ house and (hopefully) off to college. But that cutoff works better in theory than in practice; these days, more millennials than ever move back home after graduation. And even if you are on your own by […] More

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    17 Things All Instagram Addicts Do But Won’t Admit

    It doesn’t matter the time of day; whether at work, on a brunch date, vacationing in Bali, or just bumming around on any old Saturday, you can spot an avid Insta-user from miles away. We’re always snapping selfies, analyzing other users’ account aesthetics, and impatiently waiting for the ‘likes’ to pour in. We pose, filter, […] More

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    15 Things You’ll Miss About College – and 7 Things You Definitely Won’t

    College. On the one hand, you’re no longer a hopelessly awkward high school student. And yet, you still have a few years to go before you’re saddled with crushing debt and grown up responsibilities. Basically, it’s a magical time.  Finally, you can do whatever the hell you want without your parents nagging you. You can […] More

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    15 Things That Could NEVER Happen Anywhere But the South

    The U.S. is huge. And, unsurprisingly, every corner of the country is a little bit different. Cross state lines and you’re not just dealing with new liquor laws – you’ve got different accents, new cuisine, a totally distinct climate… and, inevitably, a unique set of people. We’ve all heard the stereotypes. West Coasters are chill. […] More

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    24 Amazing “Wrong Number” Texting Convos

    If you don’t know your boyfriend’s or sister’s or best friend’s number by heart, shame on you! Right?! Maybe not… As our reliance on technology grows more and more each year, it’s not necessarily that unforgivable to let go of past memorization habits in lieu of your iPhone’s memory, instead. No longer do we need […] More

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    This is How Alcohol Should Really Be Labeled

    In a world of deceitful advertising and easily persuaded millennials (i.e. you), it would be great if labels became a little more honest and told the truth about what was going to happen post-consumption. You could of course argue that drinking too much is an user error, easily avoided and totally voluntary, but where’s the […] More

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    Learn the Art of Trolling: 14 Texts That Nailed It

    Though we wouldn’t go so far as to say that trolling is an art, it is a skill that takes equal parts natural talent and practiced commitment to truly master. Needless to say, most of us will never achieve this level of trolling, and that’s probably a good thing. It is, however, a great source […] More

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    These Are The 15 Best Text Pranks We’ve Ever Seen

      We have a love-hate relationship with texting. Though it’s permanently handicapped our social capabilities and made us so dependent on the phone as to panic when we see the blinking light of a dying battery, texting has also provided us with some pretty fantastic pranking opportunities. Rest assured, we don’t take these opportunities for […] More

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    The Stuff People Google is Actually Ridiculous

      We’ve all been down the Google rabbit hole. One minute, you’re innocently typing in a totally normal search, the next, you’re clicking through the drop down menu: Can a human get a dog pregnant? Are babies double-jointed? (For the sake of clarity: no and no.) We’re not sure if these auto-searches are the result […] More

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    This Dr. Who Fan Trolled A Drunk Dude In The Funniest Way Possible

    Drunk texts? They happen. Hitting up the wrong number? Also not unheard of. But between the day-to-day minutiae of everyday (night) life, who would have guessed that both distinct possibilities would converge to produce the greatest single instance of trolling known to man? Certainly not us. Luckily, when the world’s funniest “Dr. Who” fan received […] More

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