23 Dudes Who Need To Check Themselves Before They…Whoops, Too Late

There’s a fine line between being cute and flirty, and being an a**hole. Now to most people, that seems like a pretty easy line not to cross—but there are some dudes who just can’t seem to manage it. Being thirsty is not a good reason to be a d*ck, and it’s definitely not gonna help you out with ladies, who on the whole prefer their potential sexual partner not to be really interpersonally sucky.

So if any men reading this think that negging is an actual workable tactic, think again – it’s not. And even if you’re not trying to smash, there’s no reason to be rude. Take a lesson from these dishrags:

23. This guy who just acquires people:

22. This thrifty fellow:

21. This not so close friend:

20. This guy who goes the distance:

19. This dramatic dad:

18. This hungry dude:

17. This snake charmer:

Also, what is her name??

16. This intellectual:

15. This impatient mofo:

14. This guy getting circed: